Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Trying Chinese Food in Coventry

This article aims to familiarize you with the 4 famous Chinese restaurants in Coventry - Red Panda, Noodle Bar, Chi Bar and Han Dynasty. Chinese restaurants in Coventry can be distinguished as either serving Chinese fast food or as serving the traditional Chinese dishes. Noodle Bar and Chi Bar, for example, are quality restaurants offering good Chinese fast food at a lower rate. An average meal at Noodle Bar would cost you about 8 pounds per person. I suggest you go to 9 Bull Yard, Coventry West Midlands, (Post code: CV1 1LH‎) or call them at 024 7655 1388 to order and let your taste buds decide the quality of their food.

Noodle Bar
 Chi Bar is more like a Hong Kong tea cafĂ©, and personally, I don’t think their food is as good as that at Noodle Bar. However, they have their own merits – Chi Bar is cheaper (the price being around 5-7 pounds per person) and offers a variety of unique drinks like milk tea and iced lemon tea. To quench your thirst with some of their exclusive drinks go to 13 High Street, Coventry or call 02476559898.

Red Panda
If you crave for non-veg buff dishes and would love to see your food being served in hotpots, Red Panda would be a better choice. They offer very authentic and traditional Chinese food, but are a bit pricey. Meal per person would be around 13 to 15 pounds and alcoholic beverages are very expensive (for example, they charge 95 pounds for a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label). However, they have Karaoke nights if you reach the minimum charge.

Like Red Panda, Han Dynasty is famous for its buff dishes and also for its BBQ items. They serve quality, delicious food for about 16 pounds per person. They just opened 2 months ago, but they are worth a try. Check out their website at http://handynasty.co.uk for more information.

Han Dynasty

Hope you enjoy your Chinese meal in Coventry!

 - Gavin

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