Monday, 4 February 2013


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Lo and Behold Coventry Conquerors :P

On behalf of the creators of this blog, a belated warm welcome to you to Coventry! (:

It's February and I presume it's safe to say that all new January starters have successfully enrolled in the university and are sorted for the term/semester. I hope everybody is slowly getting used to the notion of beeping your new CU (Coventry University) ID cards over those black boxes to access university buildings. Just about 4 months ago, when I was a fresher myself, I used to unsuccessfully try and pull or push a door open with a very evident  lost and bemused expression on my face. The next minute, someone would beep their cards over the black box and the mystical door would swing wide open. And my conscious would curse me for being dumb enough to have to learn via observation. To all those non-psychology students who don't know what I'm talking about, learning through observation is basically my thought process going something like the following:

For example: I see a lady walk towards the Hub door, pause for a few seconds to shuffle through her bag and take out her Student ID, before beeping it over the black box. I learn by observation that this makes the door open and I imitate the lady and hover my ID on every black box I see in the uni to gain access.

That's Observant learning - as simple as it sounds. So the next time you don't know how to get around things in Coventry, just observe and mimic. Or, if you're not short on time, just blog from your laptop (or better yet, your handy phone) and we will tell you how to conquer this beautiful city in the county of West Midlands. Please click on the About section to learn more about the content of this blog.

I hope you are enjoying your time here so far. A suggestion to those who haven't visited Britain before: 'Are you alright mate?' or rather a shortened 'y'alright?' is a phrase thrown around a lot. You don't really have to answer that query literally because it's NOT posed at you in the form of a sincere inquiry. It's just like saying 'Whaddup' or 'Hi' and a long answer like 'Well, I am actually suffering from an upset tummy since last night because........ da da da' is not expected. Just throw back a quick 'Yep' or 'I'm fine, you?' and you shall survive! 

A note of warning: It would be unfair on my part to not warn you that all other upcoming posts would be serious talks on helping you settle down in Coventry. So lo and behold Coventry Conquerors


Till then, Cheerio (Cheerio, or goodbye, is a parting expression in British English) (:

Next up>>> House-hunting from your couch.

--- Kunjika ---

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