Sunday, 17 February 2013

Let's go shopping in Cov !!!

Hey Lads, Let's go shopping in Cov!

I will go through a few stores in Coventry where especially guys can find mainly two different styles of dressing.

2 Seasons

2 Seasons is a chain of UK stores and website selling Snowboard, Ski, Surf & Skate clothing & equipment form brands like Billabong, Element, Nixon, Dakin, North Face & Salomon.
The store is not only for men but also for those sports are predominantly practiced by men.

2 seasons has an upstairs and downstairs floor - Downstairs is principally clothing and upstairs is for skiing/surfing and skate/boarding. In addition, the store has a large array of of t-shirts and shoes perfect for everyday clothes when relaxing at home or socialising with friends. The only negative is it can be quite pricey but the quality is pretty high and sometimes you have to pay for quality items, don't you ?

Staff is friendly and highly educated within the sports it caters too (snowboarding, ski-ing, surfing, and skating). Give it a try and see for your self if it deserves a better write up than mine.

64 Lower Precinct


A similar shop in Coventry is Cranium, it is new and much smaller than 2 seasons store but it sells the same kind of t-shirts and hats. The cranium store has a boutique feel to it as depicted below with individual T-shirts and hats occupying there own personal space on shelves. This layout provides a sense of luxury and exclusiveness to both the store and the articles of clothing it sells. As the layout and exclusivity of the store suggests the price range is high but again similar too two seasons the quality of the clothing is very high justifying the higher prices.

Market way

Jack & Jones

Jack & jones has a completely different style from the previous two shops I reviewed.
This is a store for the young and cool!! It's got very trendy clothes and very loud music.
There is always a good buzz in the shop and the staff are very helpful and cool of course.
I find it to be a really nice store, lots of nice fashionable clothes and top quality clothes for both casual and smart-casual. The prices are quite good compared to the quality and there are often discounts and you can find a great bargain on t-shirts.

Jack & Jones
31, 29 The Precinct

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