Tuesday, 19 February 2013

10 Must-Haves from ICELAND

Lo & Behold Coventry Conquerors!

Hope you're surviving, and doing great - with the nice, sunny, warm, weather since day before yesterday :D (I wish we have this weather for the rest of winter :P) Also, I hope you're learning how things roll in Coventry >> big time eh? :P On that note, this week, I am going to share with you the 10 items that I think are a must purchase from Iceland ( Don't know where Iceland is? Locate Iceland). Please do not mind the picture quality - I tried my best! They didn't allow me to click pictures when I asked for a permission, so I kinda had to sneak, snoop and basically act like an unwanted detective :P My apologies to Iceland for being officious, but I wanted to do it for all my endearing wanna-be Coventry Conquerors (Kidding :P) Anyway, putting a hold to all my blabbering here >>> Ready, Steady AAAND


Number ONE

Iceland - 5 Garlic Baguettes

Item: Iceland 5 Garlic Baguettes

Price: £2


This is definitely the no. 1 must have from Iceland. I mean, for a meager £2 , you get 5, full-sized, delicious garlic baguettes with tiny specks of parsley and lots of butter, and THEY, TASTE, AMAZING!





Iceland - 6 Pack Cones



Item: Iceland Cones

Price: £1

My second favorite - the ice-cream cones. Who cares whether its chilly or sunny outside when you can nibble on 6 yummy ice-cream cones for £1. I prefer the chocolate and nut cones to the strawberry and vanilla cones. Haven't tried the mint ones yet, but the concept of chocolate chips with mint is enticing :P

Iceland - American Style Slim Fries



Item: Iceland American Style Slim Fries

Price: £1


You get a bag full of skinny and tall fries (lol) for a pound, and that bag weighs 1.5 kgs - interesting isn't it? I prefer these slim fries that last ages and taste waaaay better than them McD fries. No, seriously.

Iceland - Extra Thin & Crispy Pizza - Garlic & Cheese




Item: Iceland Extra Thin & Crispy Pizza - Garlic & Cheese

Price: £1


Trust me when I say the promise here is true to the core - the base is extra thin, the pizza's actually a little crispy, and its got enough garlic and cheese to satiate your taste buds. Worth every penny! 












Item: Soft Drinks/Beverages

Price: £1 to £3

Soft Drinks/Beverages
Definitely "the item" to wrap up the Top 5! Buy whatever you want my friend - from the popular Coke and Pepsi to the not-so-popular but fruityliciously rich fizzy drinks. I suggest you always get your soft drinks from this store! Easy on your pocket and a massive range to choose from (:

Number 6, 7, 8 and 9 are extremely handy items to have in your fridge.  Number 6 - the burgers - are a must purchase because you get 12 of them for £1 and you can have it whenever you're lethargic or don't have the time to cook anything else. The Broccoli Mix - number 7 - is again really handy and hassle free. It's basically florets (broccoli and cauli-flower) mixed with carrots. I prefer this mix to the others - they also have other options, so feel free to be picky and choose the vegetable mix that suits you the best :D Now that you don't have to worry about your vegetables rotting or getting expired - as long as your fridge is working :P Same goes for number 8, canned tomatoes, and number 9, baked beans - handy, cheap and hassle free. So, here are my 4 lifesavers all for the price of one pound each (:



6. + 7. 

Items: 12 White Burger Buns & Broccoli Mix

6. Iceland 12 White Burger Buns                                             7. Iceland Freshly Frozen Broccoli Mix




8. + 9.

Items: Princes Chopped Tomatoes + Crosse & Blackwell Baked Beans

                8. Princes Chopped Tomatoes                               9. Crosse & Blackwell Baked Beans

Easy Washing Liquid


Item: Easy Washing Liquid

Price: £1

Finally, don't feel odd that I'm wrapping up the list with a non-food item. AFTERMATH!!! - I mean, you would obviously have to wash up a pile with all that eating :P

I couldn't click a picture of this one at Iceland itself because the anti-spies (salespeople) were too close to its display shelf. Anyway, do get it because you get 2 of these 650ml bottles for just a pound. You can also get this in Poundland or 99P (they're mostly out of stock), but then again, why not get it from Iceland when you're already there eh? :P

Hold on mate! Before you go, I want to mention one item NOT to buy from Iceland and that is:

Please, please, please do not buy their eggs because they sell eggs from caged hens :'( I was very disappointed to have learned it from a friend when I'd already bought one :O :(

Anyway, those were the top 10 must-haves from Iceland.

Hope you have fun eating and then washing up :P (Washing up??? Ugh, 10 sighs to the student life!)

Signing off,

Pip pip (another phrase for saying goodbye in Britain - not used anymore though)

--- Kunjika ---

Photos by: Self