Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Let's find your BANK

How to find a bank in Coventry
Today we are going to focus on one of the most exciting tasks you will have to do when you get to Coventry for the first time :) Choosing your bank

How can I get a student bank account for this year only?

First of all, it's kind of obvious but you will need a UK address before you can talk to a bank to open an account for you. Thanks to Kunjika, it will be as easy as a task that you can undertake from your couch.

The second step is to proceed to the enrollment at the University Student Center which is a really tedious task if you decide to go directly there as it is way overcrowded during the first weeks of each term.

If you live through it, which can be regarded as a proper achievement, you will be therefore able to request a REFERENCE LETTER from the Uni, through your Solar page. Those reference letters will confirm you are actually part of the Uni.
You are now ready to go all over the High Street and to choose among the 8 main banks located in Coventry.

As I said, all of these banks have at least one agency located in the:
High Street,
Coventry CV1 5RE

How to choose?
Basically, there is no big differences between all these banks, some of them are free (Lloyd, Natwest...) and some other are not such as HSBC, Santander...
The easiest way to choose is to look at where are the nearest agencies from your home and to compare them, by going there directly

-HSBC can be regarded as one the biggest bank as it is located in many countries. I used to be at HSBC last year when I was a fresher, the quality of services (online banking ...) but it costs £8/ month to keep your account opened, which is quite expensive, as matter the exchange rate is not really better there.

-LLoyd Tsb
-Coventry Bank

One of the advantages of these international student accounts is that there is no fee to close your account when you will leave Coventry for new adventures, just go to your nearest agency, and let them know you are leaving. It will take about 10 minutes to bring it to a close.

Good luck

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