Sunday, 10 February 2013

One Good & One Not-So Good Place to Drink in Coventry


What could be better than a cheap English bar right next to your university ?

It doesn't matter whether you are a fresher or a veteran in Coventry. Quids Inn means drink and fun. I said “drink” and not “eat” because although they serve a variety of dishes from several countries (such as pizzas, nachos, lasagne etc), the quality is quite low and the food is not always as good as expected or as good as represented by the images in the menu. Distinct from the various pubs in Coventry, Quids Inn spreads over two floors, offers plenty of drinks and shots at a cheap price, and facilitates a few other activities you can enagage in (for example, they have one billiard table and dart boards).

The Garden at Quids Inn
But the secret weapon of this bar is its garden. If you are a smoker there's nothing better than smoking and drinking at the same time instead of going out every now and then to enjoy a few puffs. Furthermore, they also offer shishas in several flavours so that you can smoke these instead of your regular smokes :-) And don’t you worry about the cold weather, because their garden is covered by a roof and they have some sort of powerful lamps that are scattered throughout the garden to keep it warm and heated. Not even the cold winter of West Midlands will lead you away from having a great night.

Where is it ? I told you, right next to the university (Its kinda opposite the hub)...118 Gosford Street.



The worst bar I have been to in Coventry is definitely Rosie Malone's. I would be surprised if not many university students have ever been there. As this bar is located in 44 Jordan Well (that starts when Gosford streets ends), chances that almost every student in Coventry have seen it at least once is very high. , Rosie Malones is an Irish bar, and I remember being the only student group and probably the only ones not completely wasted when me andsome of my friends visited it for the first time.

Maybe it was just me or just that particular night, but the bar got busy quite easily because of the lack of space, and it felt like they took forever to serve – there's nothing worse than waiting for ages for your drink to be squeezed right through a crowd of other waiting drunk people shouting and singing and, obviously, pushing you and nudging you every 10 seconds.

After a few hours, the floor got really sticky (thanks to all the drink spills) and the toilet got even worse!!! Hence concluded, the only thing good about Rosie Malones was their price, but it is surely not worth it at all!!!

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  1. You are totally right, Quids Inn is the best :) but you are not right about the food: the Indian food is really really good there!! ok the other food is bad but the Indian dishes are delicious!