Monday, 25 February 2013

5 Ways to Get Around in Coventry

Lo & Behold Coventry Conquerors!

Hope you guys have been getting around pretty well so far :D If not, no worries >> today I am going to share with you some vital information with regards to the 5 ways to travel in Coventry - by car, taxi, bus and coach, train and air.
























1. Car

If you are a newbie in Coventry and you already have a car to get around - kudos - way to go mate! :D If you don't have one at the moment but are planning get one very soon -awesome mate! There are 5 major national motorway links in this region and some popular A roads as main arterial routes. It would take you approximately 20 - 30 minutes to reach Birmingham and about one and a half hour, give or take a few, to reach London. I won't talk much about the boring stuff - you'll get used to it once you get a car :D The Coventry City Council has the car parking rates. Click here to view this.

2. Cab

I have a few friends who are too afraid to explore a new place on their own :P If you fall under this category - just hop into a cab and tell them your destination. If you've been standing on the road for hours now and can't find a vacant cab, there are 3 major taxi ranks in Coventry - the city centre in the Greyfriar's Lane , the Coventry train station and the Coventry airport. Better yet, ring one of the following cab services and they will pick you up at your doorstep - how nice! :D
Allens Taxis Coventry +44 (0)24 7655 5555
Central Taxis Coventry +44 (0)24 7633 3333

3. Bus & Coach

Taking a bus here is again really convenient and obviously cheaper than taking a cab. Unnecessary to mention, you save more if you have a bus card. Basically, you can easily hop on and hop off of any one of those regular or double-decked buses with the big movie ads (which is mostly the case than not) :P Bus timetables are available across local bus stations.

For coaches, National Express is the most preferred service. This is their booking hotline 08705 808080 and this is their website

4. Rail

If you want to take the train from Coventry to wherever - the rail service is available throughout the week. You also have a wide array of rail services to choose from (click on the names to be directed to their website): Virgin Trains, Network West Midlands, London Midland and National Rail Enquiry Service (this one is available 24/7).

5. Air

There is just one airport in Coventry - the Coventry Airport. It is situated about 5 miles away from Coventry. Click here to locate it. They fly to some of Midlands most famous attractions and, guess what, they also offer private hanger services. Check out their website to contact them or find out more about their services.

Those were the 5 ways to getting around in Coventry :D However, point to be noted, this place is kinda small - so you can actually get around places by walking or cycling or jogging or skating or you name it. Not that I have personally had a cycling experience in Coventry, but I am not sure if that would be a good idea, solely because I bumped into this this article by Anna :P << Please do disregard its profanity.

Now that you know how to successfully get around in Coventry hope you can relax a little and enjoy your journey :D

-Signing off-

Toodles (: (Another phrase for bidding goodbye in Britain)

--- Kunjika ---


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