Thursday, 7 February 2013

Visit the Herbert Museum and the National Museum of Transport

Hey world,

This week I finally visited the two main museums of the Coventry city center… at last!
To all the money conscious people, I would like to remind you that both museums are FREE, which is a good point, since (foreign) students don’t usually have much money to spend in culture…I have been literally impressed by their size, and that they are of enduring interest and quality. Let’s first talk about the National Museum of Transport (NMT).

I was genuinely surprised by its rich content:  its wide variety of items which compose a museum pretty intense, that car lovers, as well as curious students, may enjoy visiting. The only drawback I could notice was the lack of explanation and guidance throughout the visit.

The presence of the museum underlines the importance of the automotive sector in the city which can be regarded as the birthplace of the British cycle and motor industry (as you can see regarding the courses related to it offered by the Uni) with companies such as Jaguar and Triumph that usually look for inspiration in Coventry students ideas.

The Museum of Transport has also a historical aspect, since it displays a wide range of tanks which were built during the World War II. Furthermore, it can be seen how effectively Coventry adapted its industry to turn it in into a war one, as the city was unfortunately truly committed in this war (as testified by the destruction of the old cathedral)

I’m now talking to the boys (but not only): if you love speedy and big cars, the NMT displays 2 Masterpieces : Thrust 2 and ThrustSSC… These two impressive cars both broke the world speed record. Thrust 2 held this record from 1983 to 1997 (reaching a top speed of 650.88 mph which represents 1,047.49 km/h), after being beaten by ThrustSSC  which reached an impressive top speed of 763 mph (1,228 km/h)..

To all the film-lovers, you will have the privilege to touch (it’s forbidden but still) the legendary Doloreane driven by DOC from the Back To The Future trilogy ! And who knows, maybe it will bring you back to visit your ancestors and descendants

How to get there?
Milleminium Place, Hales Street CV1 1JD
Opening hours:
Open every day from 10am to 5pm (last admission 4.30pm)

Admission Free (World Land Speed Record Simulator £1.50 per person, last ride at 4pm daily)
You can’t miss it , specially at night when the museum is illuminated with blue neon lights that gives it a futuristic effect on the spot.

The Herbert Art Gallery & Museum

I am not what we can call a huge fan of arts in general, but it is never unpleasant to see impressively realistic paintings, and I can assure you that it can be very entertaining trying to understand what some artist have wanted to express through their work.

Moreover, you can always brag about visiting museums in a discussion. It always makes a good impression ;)

The museum is subdivided into 2 parts: “Art since 1900”(which represents a British view of art from the beginning of the 20th century up to the present day, which reflects the spirit of the Art Gallery’s original policy of collecting  views of British life and landscape.

Moreover, there is a « Historical » part which contains pieces related to Coventry (Lady Godiva for example, but also paintings that were made by Coventry born artists), the nature (with an exhibition of precious stones like ammonite – and reproductions of animals.

Enjoy the DARK MATERIAL collection of New art by ADIE BLUNDELL until July of 2013 and enter its dark, quite weird but intriguing world. Unfortunately, cameras were not allowed inside, so I highly recommend you to get there and to check out this “must see” by yourself ;)

George III
Furthermore, as you should have probably heard of George III’s remains that have been found in Leicester these last few days, the gallery offers you the chance to get to know this King with a giant painting of him...

This museum also contains a café where you can relax and enjoy a hot drink while speaking of arts with your friends. And for the most motivated, there is also a studio where you can create, or at least learn how to create (painting, sculpting?) in groups with a professional.
 How to get there?
Jordan Well Street CV1 5Q
Opened every day from 10am  to 4pm.

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